The Art of Social Media – Part Four: Getting It Right

January 3, 2012

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Whether you’re an artist, a museum, a creative arts center, an arts department, a theatre, or Hollywood, social media can be an effective tool in your marketing scheme. Although Twitter and Facebook remain paramount, other lesser known social media platforms, like YouTube, Flickr, and FourSquare, offer unique advantages for users in the arts industry. Regardless of the platform, social media offers several distinct benefits to artists and others in the arts community.

Today is the last of a four-part series highlighting several key advantages social media has to offer individuals and companies involved in the arts. Today, we’re talking about “Getting It Right.” In this post we will introduce you to several arts based businesses that effectively use social media to market their events, activities, and overall organizations.

YouTube: Anaheim Ballet

The Anaheim Ballet on YouTube

In addition to updating their YouTube channel on a weekly basis to keep their community interested and informed, the Anaheim Ballet has also taken it a step further by customizing the design of their channel page – custom color scheme, avatar, and background all enhance the viewer experience.

Their frequent use of YouTube and advertisement of their YouTube page has led to over 50,000 subscribers and over 38 million video views. The Anaheim Ballet also takes advantage of Google’s non-profit partnership and uses YouTube as a fundraising tool. Finally, the Anaheim Ballet also uses YouTube’s playlist feature to compile videos based on common themes including dancer biographies and festival highlights, etc.

Twitter: The Museum of Modern Art in New York

Museum of Modern Art on Twitter

MoMA boasts over 800,000 followers and posts regularly, yet not too often. MoMA uses Twitter effectively to not only market its own artwork and events, but also to actively engage in its community of followers and other Twitter users. MoMA regularly tweets about special events or exhibits, posting photos from inside the museum and of the artwork. In addition to self-promotion, MoMA contributes to the art conversation on twitter by retweeting other art center’s tweets, responding to questions posed by visitors or artists, and encouraging dialogue among followers by posting questions of its own. Finally, MoMA acts as a mouthpiece for key industry news posted on other traditional news sources.

Flickr – The Belkin Art Gallery

The Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery on Flickr

The Belkin Art Gallery’s Flickr group serves not only as a way to provide additional information about the gallery, but it also allows members of the group to post their own images from the Belkin Art Gallery. This encourages visitors to the Belkin Art Gallery to build a community among themselves, focused on the Belkin Art Gallery and its pieces. For a small art gallery like the Belkin, Flickr is a great free way to promote events and exhibits and allows visitors to do most of the promotion themselves.

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