7 Ways to Improve Your Twitter Efficiency

December 6, 2011

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Want to take your Twitter use to the next level? If you’re new to Twitter or just not getting the results you want, the following tips will help you get the most of the time spent building your brand in the Twit-o-sphere.

  1. Develop a game-plan.
  2. Having a game-plan takes the guesswork out of preparing your tweets every time you sit down at the keyboard. To start developing your game-plan, identify several categories of tweets you want to make regularly, ie new blog posts, helpful blog posts by other people in your field, weekly questions to engage your community, and personal tweets.

  3. Schedule your tweets.
  4. Scheduling your tweets can help you implement your game-plan. The basic idea is to spread out the content your provide to your followers. By scheduling tweets at spaced-out intervals, you can make sure you don’t flood your followers’ twitter feeds and take advantage of high-traffic times in various time-zones.

  5. Set aside time in your schedule.
  6. Setting aside 15 minutes in morning and 15 minutes in the evening to dedicate to Twitter is important to make sure you don’t become invisible on your follower’s Twitter feeds. During this time, you should check your own Twitter feed, re-tweet relevant information and cool blog posts, and check @replies and mentions, and monitor your new followers (check our their profiles and decide whether to follow them in return). In the toddler-years of Twitter use (ie. you don’t have a lot of followers), you want to be actively engaging the followers you have to keep them interested and bring you one step closer to being internet famous.

  7. Monitor tweets about you and your keywords.
  8. Set up saved searches about keywords and hashtags that relevant to you or your business to help you know when you mentioned by other users.

  9. Use monitoring tools.
  10. Monitor saved searches about keywords and hashtags using third-party apps. Many third-party apps allow you to receive notifications when a keyword or hashtag is used in a tweet.

  11. Use Twitter on a mobile device.
  12. Put Twitter on your phone, iPad, computer, etc. There are many third-party apps so pick one that appeals to you and tweet periodically about what you or your business is up to. Find yourself spending all day on Twitter? Tip – set up tweets by text or email to allow you to update without letting yourself get sucked into the Twit-o-sphere.

  13. Link your blog and Twitter accounts.
  14. Keep things convenient! Use plugins (WordPress has many) to automatically tweet your blog posts when they are posted and to bring your Twitter feed into your blog (ie. through the sidebar) so that all relevant information about what you’re doing is in one place for your readers.

    Have your own tip for improving Twitter efficiency? Mention it in the comments below!

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